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두 사람이 책상위에 펼쳐진 그래프 서류를 분석하는 이미지입니다.

Leading investment securities seek transparent management
that can be trusted.

Name of shareholder Number of shares (stake)
CKK Partners 40,011,360 shares (29.96%)
Dongwha Enterprise 12,494,182 shares (9.36%)
LDS Valueup 12,243,575 shares (9.17%)
Lee Geum-hwa 8,808,045 shares (6.60%)
Dayup Sport 8,178,270 shares (6.12%)
Other shareholders 52,124,754 shares (38.80%)
Total number of issued shares 133,860,186 shares (100%)

- Mar. 2023 at present(common shares)

- This shareholder list is not a complete list and may be changed upon receipt of a fixed list.

- It is okay to only list "stake" without listing the number of shares on the website.