Institutional Business

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With our abundant experience and know-how,
we will lead to success in various business areas.

About our Institutional business

Our Institutional business department provides stock brokerage, securities sales, research services and
investment ideas to institutional investors such as pension funds, mutual aids, banks, insurance companies,
and general corporate investors so that our customers can improve their earnings and vitalize the stock market

  • Brokerage

    Based on three principles of stable, fast and accurate services for institutional investors,
    we provide effective trading services.

    We not only excavate listed stocks, but also over-the counter stocks
    and provide brokerage services.
    Through collaboration with a number of inter-broker companies,
    we provide brokerage services for foreign stocks.

  • Securities sales business

    We propose and sell customized financial products, considering customer's
    needs and market conditions.

    By partnering with asset management companies, we not only act as a sales outlet,
    but also provide full-time management services from sourcing
    products to after-sales management and even
    cancellation so we can help our customers improve their earnings rate.

  • Financial services for unlisted small and medium-sized businesses

    We offer comprehensive advisory services for small and medium-sized businesses
    and start-ups by excavating companies with huge potentials,
    making investment in those companies, offering secondary brokerage services,
    arranging and consulting M&A, and raising funds so that
    our corporate customers can maximize their values.

  • Research Services

    Our research activities provide differentiated investment information by
    visiting companies, publishing company reports, holding Non Deal Roadshows (NDRs),
    and inviting outside experts and suggest new investment ideas by
    promptly catching up with changes in the market.