Investment Bank

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As a company providing total services in the financial sector,
we will strengthen your competitive edge.

About our investment banking business

Our Investment Banking (IB) activities seek profits by providing mid-to long-term funding and brokerage services
for our customers by issuing and distributing their marketable securities such as bonds and stocks.
Our IB department also provides consulting services on M&A
and corporate finance/ management so that our customers can get advice on specialized areas such as
project financing or structured finance and thus finance their projects smoothly.

  • Project Financing


    Consultation on financial structures of a real-estate development project and feasibility study

    Set up and execute equity investments in real estate development and operations projects

    Hosting deals for the procurement of outside capital such as composing a lender group

  • Structured Finance

    Designing the issuance structures of securitized securities through pooling of assets
    and analyzing cash flow.

    Acquisition and sales of ABS, ABL, ABSTB, ABCP, etc.

  • Equity & Debt

    Capital Market

    Financing and financial advisory services through direct financial markets

    Acquisition and issuance of stock and stock-related bonds

    Acquisition and issuance of bonds including corporate bonds